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How Musicians Can Rise Above The Chatter To Get More Streams


By Glenn Peoples, Music Insights and Analytics at Pandora from Medium

What’s working? What actually moves the needle? That’s my #1 question when talking to D.I.Y. musicians, music marketers and label execs.  Most don’t have a great answer other than getting on an official Spotify playlist.  But finally, I’m starting to see some solutions for the other 99% of musicians, and as this data from Glenn Peoples shows, Pandora’s free artist audio messages is proving to be one.

How does an artist get people to listen to their music? It’s one of the most-asked questions of the streaming era. Streaming is a unique animal. Artists who grew up in the download era, and especially those old enough to remember selling CDs, are adjusting to a dramatically different way of reaching listeners. The same challenge also exists for the streaming generation that knows no CD sales. Your new music deserves to be heard. The trick is taking advantage of the right tools to reach the right listeners. But how?

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